High T PLA 3 mm

High T PLA 3 mm
High T PLA 3 mm
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High T PLA from Proto-Pasta is a mineral filled impact modified PLA filament with a nucleating agent that promotes crystallization. This gives the filament an increased heat resistance. After printing, the parts should be soaked in hot water or put in an oven at around 80°C for 3-5 minutes which will crystallize and make the material a lot harder. The appearance is light grey. 

Material: PLA
Weight (without spool): 250 g
Diameter: 2.85 mm
Spool size: Comes without spool
Heated build plate: Not needed

Tips and Tricks: 
- It is recommended to print High T PLA with temperature rates around 190-210°C.
- Read more about this filament in the PRODUCT DATA SHEET

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