HiPS 3 mm

HiPS 3 mm
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HiPS filament from Orbi-Tech with a diameter of 3 mm. This is a versatile filament with properties similar to ABS, but since it is soluble in limonene it is also suitable as support material.

Material:  High Impact Polystyrene (HiPS)
Weight (without spool):  750 g
Diameter:  3 mm
Spool size:  20 x 20 x 5,5 cm
Heated build plate:  Needed

Tips and Tricks:
- It is recommended to print HiPS with temperature rates around 230°C.
- To get this material to stick well to the print bed it is recommended to use kapton tape as foundation.
- HiPS is soluble in limonene and is for that reason a good support material to for example ABS prints.

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